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20 Layered Bob Haircuts for Chic Ladies

The bob cut is one of the classic short hairstyles because it’s stylish, cute, always trending, and it’s a good way to start your short hair journey. Of course, there are many different bob styles. In this gallery, we collected 20 layered bob haircuts!

What is a Layered Bob Haircut?

A layered bob haircut is a short style that has layers cut in different lengths just like any other layered short hairstyles. They can make you look chic. Also, they are trending this year. We’ve got bob styles for many hair types, colors, and styles. We’re sure that you will be able to find a short hairstyle for your hair and taste.

Here are 20 layered bob haircuts for chic ladies!

1. Layered Bob Haircut

This one is a classic one! It’s always trendy and stylish. If you’re planning to get a layered bob cut, you can start with this one.

Layered Bob Haircuts

2. Choppy Cut

Take a look at this one if you are looking for easy to style cut.

Layered Bob Cuts

3. with Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are so cute! Here’s a hairstyle with side-swept bangs.

Layered Bob Haircuts for Short Hair


4. Graduated Hairstyle

Here’s a different bob hairstyle: a graduated one. Longer at the front with more volume at the back.

Layered Bob Hairstyles for Short Hair

5. Short Layered Bob Style

Kaley Cuoco looks so elegant with her hairstyle in this picture.

Short Layered Bob Styles

6. Honey Blonde Color

Looking for a new hair color idea? Try honey blonde!

Layered Blonde Bob Haircuts

7. Bleached

Bleached hairstyles can give you a cool look.

Bleached Layered Bob Haircuts

8. Trendy Look

This short bob is trending this season.

Trendy Layered Bob Haircuts

9. Straight Layered

If your hair is straight,  this can help you.

Straight Layered Bob Haircuts

10. A-Line

Layered A Line Bob Haircuts

11. Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin Layered Bob Haircuts

12. for Blonde Women

Layered Bob Haircuts for Women

13. Dark Brown Hair

Dark Brown Layered Bob Haircuts

14. Pink Color

Pink Layered Bob Haircuts

15. Feathered Style

Layered Feathered Bob Haircuts


Layered Bob Haircuts-16


Layered Bob Haircuts-17


Layered Bob Haircuts-18


Layered Bob Haircuts-19


Layered Bob Haircuts-20

Thanks for checking out our gallery! Please give us your opinions in the comments section below.

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