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20 Modern Bob Hairstyles to Look Stylish and Cute

Bob hairstyles have been around for many decades and they are still fashionable and trendy. But, if you don’t know how to style it right, your hair may look outdated. Today, we have gathered modern bob hairstyles for you that will make your hair so much more stylish! Regardless of your hair type or color, we covered bob haircuts for every option. You can even style them depending on your personal needs and taste. Don’t hesitate from trying new and different hairstyles. For example, if you’re not sure about going short hair, you can always start from longer styles such as lob style with should length. It’s all preferance. We just want to give you inspiration for your next hairdresser visit.

Without further ado, here are 20 modern bob hairstyles to make your hair look cute and fashionable! Let’s take a look to get inspiration.

1. Modern Bob Hairstyle

Modern Bob Hairstyles

2. Medium Length

Modern Bob Haircuts

3. Brown Color

Modern Bob Cuts


4. For Blonde Women

Modern Bobs for Fine Hair

5. Inverted Bob Style

Modern Bob Styles

6. Layered Cut

Modern Layered Bob Hairstyles

7. Pink Hair

Modern Bob Pink Hairstyles

8. Textured Style

Modern Textured Bob Hairstyles

9. Straight Hair

Modern Straight Bob Hairstyles

10. Blonde Denise Galik

Modern Blonde Bob Hairstyles

11. For Thick Hair Type

Modern Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

12. Cute Look

Cute Modern Bob Hairstyles

13. Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Bob Hairstyles

14. Black Roots with Silver Color

Modern Silver Bob Hairstyles

15. Stacked Messy Hairstyle

Modern Messy Bob Hairstyles

16. Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length Modern Bob Hairstyles

17. Stylish Pastel Pink

Stylish Modern Bob Hairstyles

18. Bleached Haircut

Modern Bleached Bob Hairstyles

19. Wavy Hair

Modern Wavy Bob Hairstyles

20. Latest Idea

Latest Modern Bob Hairstyles

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