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25 Long Pixie Styles for Stylish Women

Long pixie styles are generally agreed to be the most present day and sleek way to wear your hair. Long pixie haircuts are equally suitable for thick, medium and fine hair and the latest looks have new shapes, textures and color structures to keep you looking as crisp as a field of wild blossoms. The cutting varies from exact and shapely to cute and casual feathered hairstyles and all in the latest hair colors! So if your image is ready for an upgrade, take a glance at these super, long pixie haircuts for women of all ages!

Here are 25 long pixie styles for stylish women to take inspiration!

1. Long Pixie Hairstyle

Youthful and beautiful women need a hot hairstyle to finish their in vogue image and this smooth haircut is brimming with high-fashion features! It’s a short back and sides cut with snazzy hummed side-focuses and the latest V-shape decorating the nape.

Long Pixie Hairstyles

2. Asymmetrical Style

In case you’re a lively sort or a bustling woman, this long pixie creates a casual, however, a la mode look. This natural look has a minuscule dash of blonde in amazingly fine features in the longer side. They are very unobtrusive yet will add intriguing texture and movement to medium to thick hair.

Long Pixie Styles

3. Long Pixie Cut

Thick black hair is an awesome medium for hairstylists to work with! Thicker hair strands will in general stay in place and there will never be any issue with volume. This style may be a short haircut for straight hair, however multi-directional styling and the variety of textures create loads of lively movement!

Long Pixie Cuts


4. Idea for Older Women

In the event that you already have fair hair, this neutral-blonde shade is exactly what you have to add fashionable style to a short hairstyle. This cut suits many distinctive face shapes, and is loaded with the latest style features.

Long Pixie Cuts 2019

5. for Thick Hair

Here’s a lovely style for curly hair or if your hair is naturally straight, you can have a casual perm done on the longer side. It’s very asymmetrical and suits heaps of various face shapes.

Long Pixie Haircuts

6. Red Hair

Red Long Pixie Hairstyles

7. Undercut Style

Long Undercut Pixie Hairstyles

8. Winter 2019

Long Pixie Hairstyles for Winter

9. Shaved Sides

Shaved Long Pixie Hairstyles

10. Blonde Color

Blonde Long Pixie Hairstyles

11. Pixie Bob

Long Pixie Bob Hairstyles

12. Side Layered

Long Pixie Hairstyles for Ladies

13. Cute Hairstyle

Cute Long Pixie Hairstyles

14. with Bangs

Long Pixie Hairstyles with Bangs

15. Jennifer Lawrence’s Style

Celeb Long Pixie Hairstyles

16. Side-Swept Cut

Stylish Long Pixie Hairstyles

17. Choppy Hair

Choppy Long Pixie Hairstyles

18. Kristin Kreuk’s Style

Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

19. Dark Brown To Blonde

Brown Long Pixie Hairstyles

20. Layered Hairstyle

Layered Long Pixie Hairstyles-20

21. Messy Blonde

Messy Long Pixie Hairstyles

22. Easy Pixie

Easy Long Pixie Hairstyles

23. with Twist

Chic Long Pixie Hairstyles

24.Textured Idea

Textured Long Pixie Hairstyles

25. Layered Pixie Bob

Long Pixie Bob Hairstyles

Thanks for reading! Which hairstyle is your favorite? Tell us below in comments. If you’re looking for more pixie hairstyles, tap here!

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