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Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

20 Easy Haircuts for Thick Short Hair to Tame Them

Cutting thick hair can be a challenge for both stylists and those who have to manage voluminous locks. Thick hair tends to grow in incredibly dense which can cause weight, heaviness and lack of movement or styling options when kept short. However, with the right haircuts for thick short hair, they can actually look quite stylish, polished, and defined.

The key is finding a cut that removes excess bulk and weight from the areas where hair is thickest, while leaving more length in the top and front to balance out the volume. Layers are extremely important, as they add texture, lift and dimensionality without additional weight. When cutting thick short hair, barbers and stylist should focus layering and tapering techniques that gradually remove length from the lower parts of the hair towards the crown.

The right thick short haircut balances shortness for low-maintenance with well-placed layers and trends for shine and lift. Committing to regular trims also helps thick short hair maintain its shape between appointments. With some guidance from a skilled stylist, thick hair owners need not be limited in preferring short hairstyles. So, let’s take a look at our 20 easy haircuts for thick short hair!

1. Haircut for Thick Short Hair

By keeping hair very short on the back and sides while cutting layers into the top, thick short cuts allow hair to maintain a neat appearance without getting weighed down.

Haircuts for Thick Short Hair

2. Bixie Style

With the proper use of thinning shears and texturizing techniques, thick short hair can be cut and styled with movement, shape and fullness rather than just appearing stubbly or limp.

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

3. Thick Pixie Cut

Disconnecting undercuts or fading techniques are also effective, as they thin out the hair where it is densest along the bottom hairline and nape.

Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair


4. Easy Hairstyle

Easy Hairstyles for Short Thick Hair

5. Trendy Look of 2023

Short Hair for Curly Thick Hair

6. Layered Bob

Layered Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-6

7. Classy Cut

Classy Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-7

8. Wavy Type

Haircuts for Thick Short Wavy Hair-8

9. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-9

10. Feathered Hairstyle

Featheredhaircuts for Thick Short Hair-10

11. Front View

Haircuts for Thick Short Hair Front View-11

12. Shag Cut

Shag Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-12

13. Black Bob

Black Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-13

14. with Bangs

Haircuts for Thick Short Hair with Bangs-14

15. Choppy Style

Choppyhaircuts for Thick Short Hair-15

16. Very Short Hair

Haircuts for Very Thick Short Hair-16

17. Over 50

Haircuts for Thick Short Hair Over 50-17

18. Back View

Haircuts for Thick Short Hair Back View-18

19. Cute Haircut Idea

Cute Haircuts for Thick Short Hair-19

20. for Curly Women

Haircuts for Thick Short Curly Hair-20

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